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Refresh Release Documentation Enhancements Needed

Now that NetDocuments has gone to its new web refresh release schedule with updates occurring roughly every two weeks, the current release notes ( are not sufficient. I would like to see the release notes have separate pages or be filterable to three different audiences:

  1. End Users - What's new in this release that is visible to end users. Includes screen shots and detailed explanations of UI/functionality changes and new features
  2. Administrators - Includes all bug fixes, and any changes or new enhancements in the admin interface etc.
  3. Developers - Includes bug fixes, changes and enhancements to the various API's (especially the REST API, which presumably is also on the same web refresh schedule.)
Status: None

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Yes, please and also the videos, etc. We are in the process of updating our new employee orientation and the quick reference guides, etc. are not up to date.  Thank you!

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