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ndOffice - Increase ndSave Search Results

Users are requesting that ndOffice allow an increase (or an option to change the amount returned) to the amount of files that are returned when running a search within ndSave. It looks like only about 20 are returned. Users do not want to have to continually click the "More..." button. Reference Case 268339.


Status: None

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Hope to solve this in an update soon (by adding a "load all" option, or by endless scroll.

In the meantime, 2.5 adds a helpful feature that can alleviate some of this pain:

When you sort a column in the display, it sorts the entire data set (as if you'd pressed more a bunch of times till it finished) and re-displays.

Obviously won't help every situation, but you can change to name and bounce between the top and bottom very quickly, or any other field.


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