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ndMail and Voting Buttons - Prompt to File Outgoing Email issue

My client uses Outlook Voting buttons extensively.  We always default Prompt to Save Outgoing Email ON.  

When attempting to Vote, the Workflow is so convoluted, users will never remember it, and don't trust that it's actually working. 

To Vote:

the user selects their desired vote response

ndMail Predictions pane prompts to file the email, which will NEVER be saved

the email reply being sent by the Voting process does not appear on screen, so there is NO send button. 

In order for the voting response to be sent, the user must vote a 2nd time

They are then prompted to "send the response now" or "edit the response"

The user must select send the response now and click Send. 

I'm not finding a way to omit Voting responses from the Prompt to File Outgoing Email.  Such an option needs to be developed.  

Status: None

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Amen.  We don't use it extensively, but do use the voting feature, and have encountered the same frustration.  The message class of an email with voting is still IPM.Note, so cannot be addressed using the message class filter feature. 

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This is a source of frustration for our users too.  I have found though, that if you don't open the message (or select the message if you use the preview pane), but right click and send your vote response from the contextual menu, the vote response is sent without being prompted by ndMail...  I suspect that this is a bug :), but exploit it if it helps :)

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