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Search a Range of Matters


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Isabel Juarez (NetDocuments Support)

Jan 9, 3:01 PM MST

Hi Sean,

Sure thing, please include this item to our IdeaBank so others may endorse it. Our Product Management team consults this list regularly and values input from all NetDocuments users.

Thank you.

Isabel Juarez



Cowherd, Sean

Jan 9, 2:26 PM MST

Thanks Isabel. We are hoping to do at least 100 and possibly more without having to identify the specific matters. It sounds like that is not possible at this time. Maybe that could be suggested feature in the future.

Thanks for your time.

Sean Cowherd

Business Analyst

Direct: 816.983.8898




Isabel Juarez (NetDocuments Support)

Jan 9, 1:15 PM MST

Hello Sean,

There is a way to search for multiple matters using the advanced search:
- From the advanced search select/fill in the Client 1234
- Click on the ellipsis for the Matter (see screenshot)
- Then highlight the matters to search in, there may be a limitation as it is usually done for a few matters so you may use smaller ranges than 100. (see screenshot)
- Lastly, for file extension select "all Documents" (see screenshot and noticed the populated fields)

I hope this helps, 

Isabel Juarez

Selecting multiple.png
Search all documents.png



Cowherd, Sean

Jan 9, 1:00 PM MST

Is it possible to do a search across a range of matters? For example for client 12345 we want to show all documents for matters 1 - 100. And then possibly do another search for matters 101-200.


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