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'Don't Show Again' - Predictive Filing Pane option

I would like to see the option added to the ND Mail Predictive Filing Pane to 'Don't Show Again'  for a given prediction.  I've had a few "predictions" appear that I will never file in and I don't want them to display again.


I'm thinking right-click and select 'Don't Show This Prediction Again' or something similar.

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In a similar vein - I would like to see an option to only suggest workspaces that are above a certain relevancy level.  For example > 50%.  At the moment we see a lot of completely inaccurate suggestions - some we can't see why they would be suggested at all.  it appears as though the suggestion pane is being filled with suggestions for the sake of it.  Suggesting workspaces that are not relevant (or very low relevancy) reduces the users confidence in the predictions.  If no relevant suggestions can be provided, then display "no suggestions available" or similar.

"don't show this prediction again" is a bit dangerous I think :-) .

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