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Login page routing user to correct authentication (ND or federation)

I would like to see ND login page change and automatically route the user to the correct authentication page.


Current Scenario

The user is presented with a login page that assumes ND authentication. If the user’s login is SSO then need to click a small light grey link ‘Need Login Assistance’ and then choose to use ‘I want to use my organization’s login’


Proposed Scenario

The login page presented should ask for login ID only. No password. After entering the login address ND knows from the email domain if it has been configured for federated login and then redirect to that page automatically.


If the email isn’t federated then expose the password field to completed ND authentication.


Microsoft does this with Azure services, and many cloud-based products offer similar process to a save user’s being confused with how to login via federation.


Finally, the big win, it would make signing in to the ND app on iOS devices (and I assume Android as well) easier as the screen size doesn’t lend itself to working out ‘need login assistance’ process

Status: None

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This is a great idea.

As an alternative, the password box could still be visible by default, but a lose focus on the email/Id field could check if the email address is federated or not, and redirect appropriately?  This means that non federated accounts still have the same / existing UI to login with?







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