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Date Profile Attribute, future dates

I'm entering this for one of our partners.

I would like to add a date profile attribute, for example, called "Index".

This date will in a majority of cases be set for the future. Like 2019-03-10 (or as UK would have it 10/3/2019).

It is then essential that I can search for Index Date Documents, even though the date has not yet come to pass. Like setting up a saved search "Show all documents where Index is within the next 30 days" (=1006(^-0-+30)).

This does not work.

Searching for documents where Index is in the past 30 days ( =1006(^-30-+0)) works nicely though.

And adding to the confusion, when adding Index as a column to a list view, sorting on that column groups only past Index dates. The future ones aren't picked up at all:

This seems to me a major flaw in the search engine. Or at least a feature not yet turned on. Being able to add future dates and actually find these could be immensely usable.

Status: None

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Yes, please - this is something I know a number of my customers have wanted to do for some time and couldn't.

It seems like it should be easily doable for NetDocuments and would enable customers to run saved searches for documents with upcoming expiry dates and the like.



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