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Linking Documents -- some requests

The following would, in my opinion, be quite useful:

1) Unlink selected documents (right now it is all or nothing. You should be able to select documents to unlink)

2) A big limitation is that, now, one has to have all the documents on the screen in order to link them together. A much better way would be the following: (i) check one document and have as an option "Link to other documents"; (i) then have the option to search for documents to be linked to the document. 

3) Also "chain" linking would be great. For example, suppose the following:

Doc A is linked to Doc B.

Doc B is linked to Doc C.

Doc C is linked to Doc D.

Ideally, if I pull up Doc A, i should then be able to see Doc B AND Doc C AND Doc D.




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I agree. The unlinking process needs some improvements. Say you select a group of 4 docs and Link them. I'll call them Docs A, B, C and D.

If I want to remove C from this linked group, I select C and choose "Unlink All."  For C, this removes the links to the other 3 documents.  HOWEVER, if you look at A, B and D, C still appears as a linked document on each of those. So even though I removed the links from C to the other documents, C still appears as a linked document on those other documents.

It seems like when you use "Unlink All" on a document, it should not only remove the links from that document to the other documents, but it also should remove the links from the other documents to that document.  It should be a two-way street.

So, in order to remove a document from a linked group, you must use the "Unlink all" on each document in the group, then go back and re-link the ones you wanted to keep linked.

And if you want to unlink a group of documents that you previously linked, you must use the "Unlink all" on each document in the group.

It would be great to have a way to unlink a group of documents all at once, or remove one document at a time from a linked group.

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