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ndOffice - when defaulting to last saved client / matter workspace yellow folder, user can save to mulitple locatinos unintentionally

When a user is saving in ndOffice, a user may select a yellow folder under a workspace.  then if the user changes the client // matter in the profile form, the document is saved into two locations.  the user may be unaware that the document is still being saved at the previously selection of the yellow folder matter, then the client / matter in the profile form. if the user deletes from one location, the document is deleted from both locations.  this is confusing to our users.  we would like only one location by default for user to save unless they intend to add another location.

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If you save by selecting the matter in the left pane, you cannot change the workspace attributes, they are grayed out.

This is done to prevent what you're talking about. If you have selected the cabinet instead of the Workspace, then you are in effect filing in one location, but profiling to another, resulting in the possibility this will be added to a filter.

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