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Auto-Fill/Lookup should work consistently in all areas

when I click on Go to a Matter, I can type in any portion of the matter ID or Matter Description.  I don't even have to type an entire word, e.g. looking for transcript, I can simply type script and it finds Transcript.  

However, when I'm using ndOffice, doing a Save As, when I'm attempting to fill in my profile attributes of Author, Document Type, etc. I can ONLY type the first word of the Description.  Attempting to fill in the author field, I can easily type last name, but when I type Smith, I get 12 people.  I'd much rather type Joanne to find Smith, Joanne as a unique entry. 

Can we have this lookup/search work the same in all locations, all fields? 

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note that in both the web and ndOffice, if you open the dialog, the default becomes a "begins with search". 

But while typing in profile fields, as well as in the go to workspace or go to matter dialogs, the behavior is identical. It didn't used to be. I believe we changed this in 2.2, but it might have been 2.3.

Additionally, if you type in the field and press tab, it should autocomplete.


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