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Save As Dialog Box Cabinet List is Expanded

When saving a document, the Cabinet tree on the left of Save As is automatically expanded, so each cabinet displays The Cabinet, Recent Matters, Favorite Matters and Folders for each cabinet.

I'm working with a client who has 18+ cabinets.  Having this list pane expanded results in a LOT of scrolling to locate a specific matter within a specific cabinet.  

If I manually collapse all cabinets, it does not hold. the next save as they are all expanded again. 

Can you add: 

A)A collapse all button?

B)Make the expand/collapse sticky so it stays the way I set it

C)Make it like ndWeb where everything is collapsed, except my Primary Cabinet

Status: None

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I agree.  Having everything expanded is confusing and makes the save dialog box appear more complicated than it is.  The SDB should attempt to mimic how Windows does it as much as possible so people are familiar.  

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