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ndMail suggested filing - cabinet tab should be smarter if the email has already been filed

In the suggested filing pane in ndMail, the cabinet that is displayed is "sticky" across Outlook - meaning that if you click on the tab to swap from one cabinet (Cab1) to another (Cab2), it stays on Cab2 when you look at the next email.
However, if the next email was already filed to Cab1, the suggested filing pane will still show Cab2 (with no locations ticked) instead of Cab1 where the email is actually filed.

If an email is already filed to NetDocs, the panel should be aware of this and should dynamically select the cabinet. This would reduce confusion e.g. the person does not think they have to file it again.  It may also resolve some weird behaviour we've seen with the global filing indicator changing from ticked to un-ticked


Status: None

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This would make ndMail so much better - even if it doesn't snap to the cabinet it's filed in it should at least search across all the cabinets to see if it's been filed rather than flicking between them to get the filing indicator to appear

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