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"What's new" option for end users

It's great to see so many new features and feature improvements coming in to NetDocuments!  Keep up the good work!

It would be great if there was a "What's New" link (e.g. in the top RH corner) in the Web UI certainly and possible in ndOffice, ndMail and ndSync, that leads the user through any recent changes, so they can familiarise themselves with how it works.  Many systems have such a feature and NetDocuments users would benefit from this too.

Please vote for this if you agree.

Status: None

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YES, YES, AND YES.  Our users would also love up-to-date documentation.  We have new employee packets that include NetDocuments basics and most of the time it's a version or two behind.  Their help is amazing -- it would be great if it were up to date.  -- thanks. 

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