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NetDocs ndWeb - Enhance Send to Application Process - Currently Reversed

The Send to Application process inserts files reversed than how they are chosen in List View.

Per Support - The files appear in the "Send to Application" window in reverse order that they appear in the list view in NetDocuments. This is because it top-loads the files (it inserts the first file in the list view and then pushes it down when it loads the next file). In the "Send to Application" window, the files can be rearranged by highlighting them and clicking the arrows next to the scroll bar. This adjusts the order they show up in the application. Although as a work-around, the users could reverse the list view order and select them that way to create a double negative condition.

This means that each time a user wants to run a comparison in ChangePro, the files are reversed. Please update the Send to Application process.

Status: None

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