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ndLink Should Check Success/Failure of Adds & Changes

ndLink pushes new matters into the system but doesn't check for failures of the matter creation.  If a personal matter number (which is secured to a person) is created before the user is provisioned and accesses NetDocuments, then the addition of that matter fails because the email address in the security string doesn't yet exist in NetDocuments.

ndLink should recognized the failure to add the matter and continue to re-try until the email address exists.

There may be other reasons why a client or matter fail to get created-- these errors should not be ignored by the tool.  If it cannot correct the problem then it should notify an administrator of the problem.

Status: None

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I don't use ndLink, but I was seriously thinking about it.    If there's no failure notifications, when there is a problem It could take days to find out about it.  And it wouldn't be me to find the problem, but a user at midnight trying to save a document for a brief due in the morning.

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Yes, we just worked with NetDocuments on this and also asked to figure out a way to send notifications to Cabinet Admins to let them know the service isn't working.  Something like Symphony OCR -- it allows you to add users to their notification table.  

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