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Document Retention Report Frequency

In order to implement a retention policy that is effective, as well as specifying the criteria used, e.g. matter closed date/document type and date for comparison, customers also need to be able to specify the frequency of the report.  Without control over the timing of the report, there is no way to ensure the system is cleared out of documents according to the required business rules.

For example, if the report is produced "At least once every 60 days" (as set out in the support web site), customers are unable to ensure the data is correctly maintained.  If the business rule requires that documents should be deleted "7 years after the matter closed date", then the report could actually run anytime in that 60 day period, so the documents may not be deleted according to the required business rule, but actually "7 years and 60 days after the matter closed date".

Customers need some method of specifying the required timing of the reports - e.g. the number of days between reports, or "daily", "weekly", "monthly", "quarterly" etc.

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