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ndMail Predictive Panel - Keep Checkbox

In Explorer Desktop's predictive panel, you could choose to move an email or keep a copy in Outlook via a checkbox.  That appears to be missing in ndMail's predictive panel.  This requires an extra step for our users when they simply want to move one or two emails out of Outlook and into NetDocuments.  It also requires them to remember to take that extra step after the email has been saved.  Any chance we could get that "Keep" checkbox back?  

Status: None

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Hi Susan,

Thank you for the feedback. Based on other customer feedback, we modified the way the Keep Copy function in Explorer works and we changed it to a "File & Move" function in ndMail that works very similarly. I'd like to understand more about the workflow and how we can improve it if your users prefer the checkbox method though. I'll reach out to you via email separately to discuss further. 

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