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ndMail folder mapping - delegates

Hi all,

After speaking about this to NetDocs support, although secretaries can created ndmail folder mappings for their Lawyers (delegates) - this is actually unsupported!

It does work  - secretary has' full access' to laywers mailbox, goes through their subfolders, mapping them to ND. If the secretary or lawyer drags emails into those folders, it files for both.

However, as it's unsupported, it means that asND continue to develop ndmail, this option is not being included/tested and may not work in future versions.

I think the ability to map folders for delegates (and allow mailbox owner and delegates to file emails into them)  is really important - particular in Law Firms where there is a secretary/PA - Lawyer relationship




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I completely agree with your comment.  So far, we've had a good experience with folder mapping.  It seems reliable and is rapidly gaining acceptance as a way to manage emails. 

It's important that the feature (or something equivalent) is supported and included in future versions.   

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I agree.  This is an integral part of the LAA-lawyer relationship.  Often it is the LAA who manages that task, allowing the lawyer to quickly and easily file his/her emails.  We are getting ready to roll out ndMail and, as the firm trainer, I KNOW I am going to get push-back on this.  And rightly so.  

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