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NetDocs DMS - ndWeb Administration Activity - User Groups Add/Remove Activity Logging

For the Administration Activity Report or Log, we would like to request new logged actions of at the least when users are added or removed from groups.

So new actions:

  • Add User to Group
  • Remove User from Group

Per NetDocs Documentation, only the below actions are being logged:

The Administrative Activity report or log will include a list of certain administrative changes that have taken place.

These actions include:
•Add a new user
•Remove a user
•Change a user's membership type (external/internal)
•Cabinet administrators can add external members checkbox
•Create new group
•Delete group
•Cabinet deletion (logs the user and the time)
•Add a new cabinet admin
•Allow permanent deletion of documents option
•Add or remove a group to the groups allowed to use the multi-doc download option

Status: None

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I agree, This would be a great feature in the Admin logs.  We would also like to see how they were added/removed from the groups as well.  We utilize Secure Auth which adds and removes group members based on the SAML token passed into NetDocuments or if done manually.


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