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Should an exact match search include, or exclude, results with punctuation?

If a user puts double quotes around a text string in the 'Everything' search field, the system will perform an exact match search, and should bring back only those documents & emails where the exact text string occurs.

However, at present (November 2018), the search will also bring back results where there is punctuation such as a comma or a bracket in the hit text . For example, searching for "Lease Agreement" will bring back documents where the text string 'Lease, agreement' or 'Lease (agreement)' is present.  I understand that this is because the punctuation is ignored when the document is full text indexed.

What do other people think about this?

Should exact mean EXACT? If so, could there be an option in the search page to include results with punctuation (i.e. same behaviour as present)?

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Exact should be exactly the same. It can make a massive difference if the search includes a comma or a bracket etc, particularly when you're trying to narrow down search returns. Related to this is the fact that the preview pane basically ignores any phrase searching and just highlights every individual word, which actively prevents effective searching instead of aiding it.


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