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Workspace/Matter Fields

It would be helpful if there was a means of searching and displaying other data regarding a workspace/matter, such as Area of Law/Practice Group and Status (e.g. Open/Closed). 


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Hi Scott, 

You could assign something like " (Closed dd/mm/yyyy)" to the end of the matter name (if the matter is closed) when you update it from your PMS, maybe using ndLink, to make it clear to users.  Maybe you could also add the area of law/practice area to the end of the matter name.

You could also use the area of law/practice group as the matter type, then setup a different workspace template for each matter type, setting the Description on the template to e.g. "Corporate", depending on the type of matter.

Hope this helps.

Tony Foy

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Thanks Tony.  Your solutions have been suggested by a consultant and seem like the best work around absent of ND providing this feature out of the box.  However, ideally, I'd prefer not to shoehorn multiple fields of structured data into a single field.  It causes display/truncation issues and can increase the complexity of searches and/or create false positives in search results.

I guess what I'm looking for is an advanced search at the workspace/matter level.  ND has open/closed statuses and our workspace security is dictated by area of law, so it doesn't seem like it should be a huge undertaking to be able to search by these pieces of structured data.

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