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maximum file size >1GB

Getting more and more client requests to save files larger than 1 GB.  Currently these files are saved out of ND, which becomes a hurdle for traveling attorneys who want access to everything in one place, online, without having to remote, VPN or Citrix into the office.  at least 2 GB, but 5 GB does happen on occasion. 

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I definitely agree with Gordon that we do need file uploads of more than 1gb. The reason being many times our litigation or arbitration attorneys have large  bundles to upload so the same can be accessed by Arbitrators and other court experts during the course of the trial. 

I myself took this issue up with senior NetDocuments management team.

Right now the ideal place we upload large files in Microsoft OneDrive which makes the entire idea of having documents in ONE PLACE be defeated.

NetDocuments, please take note of above.

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