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Selecting a large amount of documents

Currently, when needing to select a large number of documents that might need to be moved, re-profiled, or downloaded, I find I have to scroll to the very end of the list in order to get the "Select All" button at the top to become active (not greyed out) and allow me to select everything.  The lists are sometimes very large and it seems the best I can do is CTRL END which only scrolls down a bit at a time.  It can take a very long time of doing this to finally get to the end of the list to select everything. It's very time consuming.  Can this be changed to choose a key combination that actually takes you to the end of the list?  Otherwise, allowing the select all to automatically work (not greyed out) would be even better.  Thanks. 

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If you run a search for the items (which also includes workspace list views, filter list views, and saved searches), you can use the drop-down menu from Search Results to take bulk actions on all items in the list without having to use the checkboxes. 

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