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one-step conversion to PDF

I’d like to make a feature request for your dev team on behalf of large number of our users. We’re hoping for a one-step conversion to PDF in NetDocs. For example, if I have a Word document (or any office document) in NetDocuments and I choose the option to convert it to a PDF, I’m forced to create that PDF to my desktop as a separate file. Then I need to go back to NetDocuments and Upload that local file to the workspace as a new document or as a new version of an existing document. It would be very helpful to be able to do an ndSave operation as a PDF, directly from within the Office apps.

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Yes, please!  As a firm -- our entire office uses Nuance PowerPDF and will continue to do so.  The interface toolbar in the web is better than Adobe and provides a lot more functionality -- not to mention PowerPDF is 1/3 the cost of Adobe.  Please consider adding and supporting Nuance as a pdf provider for NetDocuments.  Thank you.

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I'm interested to know how your process differs from what is already available in the current functionality.  

Currently, if you're in Microsoft Word for example.  While viewing the document you wish to convert to PDF, follow these steps:

  1. Select File / SAVE AS / ND Save 
  2. Select nd Client / Matter Location you'd like to save the PDF
  3. Then Adjust "Save as type:" FROM "Word Document (*docx)" TO "PDF (*pdf)" 
  4. This will automatically convert your word document into a .PDF, & it will save the PDF to the desired location.  

No need to save locally to then upload later.  Is there another way you see us doing this that would simplify it further?

(Keep in mind, I tested this with Adobe Acrobat)  Could someone test with Nuance to see if it will do the same?

In addition to the functionality above, we have Outlook functionality that allows a user to convert word documents that are attached to an email message to PDF on the fly.  See below:

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Tanner - not to speak for Doug, but my interpretation and desire is to not have to open the document in Word at all. Rather, within NetDocuments web interface, select the document, select "Copy to PDF" from the NetDocuments "More" menu, and have it make a PDF version of the document, so now the location has a "MyDocument.docx" and a "MyDocument.pdf".  Does that make sense?

And Doug, if that is not what you, mean, apologies for hijacking,. but that's functionality I would love to see.

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