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We need the ability to enable ndOneClick for all users

We've all been encouraged to move from IE to Google Chrome due to performance issues with IE.  However, there is currently no way (according to ND support) to check the "enable ndOneClick" box for all users by default.  This is a huge problem, as Chrome is unusable for those with ndOffice without that box checked.  It's not a reg key, apparently, but a setting in a temporary internet file.  Please do something to fix this.  We'd love to move to Chrome, but if it can't properly integrate with ndOffice without individual user intervention, it's a non-starter. 

Status: Completed

Official comment


Thanks for your feedback.  These issues will be resolved with the release of our ndClick product, which is currently in beta.  You will be able to invisibly roll out ndClick to all users, without having to touch any individual machine.

ndClick is a completely new product that replaces both Windows and Mac versions of ndOneClick 1.0 and ActiveX controls. ndClick is an add-in to NetDocuments that gives an opportunity for seamless document transfers, application launches, and rich email integration.  It will make it possible for you to be completely browser agnostic.  In other words, you can use any browser you like! (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)

Note: For more information on the Beta and Update process for NetDocuments refer to the Update and Beta Procedures article in the Announcements section. 

If you'd like to be included in the beta, please email:  We encourage you to test the beta software and ensure that it works well in your own environment including all add-ins that you are using. You might have a variety of environments for which we cannot test. We test the functionality of the software with a standard environment. We appreciate all of your testing and feedback.

If you participate in the Beta testing, please consult with your NetDocuments Administrator and use the information below. The Beta period allows you to provide NetDocuments' personnel feedback and gives you an opportunity to use it in your environment and get familiar with the changes.

Participation in the Beta

The Beta Testing Period for the for ndClick Beta officially began on 11 March 2018. The general availability release date is still TBD.  But, we hope to release it soon.

To report bugs related to the Beta, send them to


Tanner Phillips
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Totally agree -- we have users who are still having issues with ndOneClick not checking in documents.  Also, it seems to go away if they remove all cache, history, etc. 

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We have encountered this as well with a very large corporate company. The need to touch every single machine to use ndOneClick - due to the need for Chrome - has meant that the software deployment couldn't be silent, it was such an overhead and has the client viewing NetDocuments as not moving with architecture technology platforms.  

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