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Skipping versions after a version deletion

I understand that NetDocs is making significant changes to version functionality in late 2018.  Can we please get rid of the function where version deletion causes numbers to "skip"?  For example, if I have 3 versions and delete version 3, can we please have the next version be version 3 instead of skipping to 4?  My people HATE that, especially in our Transaction practice group that does a lot of redlining.  Thanks.

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The new version changes will not "skip" version numbers but will have a record of the disposition of the version. Combined with the version name, this should help users to have a better picture of version activities. For example:

Affidavit in support of Motion for Summary Judgment

v1 Initial draft – 08/12/2017
v2 Revised draft – 08/13/2017
v3 Version deleted by John Dough on 08/14/2017
v4 Revised draft sent to client on 08/15/2017
v5 Proposed changes received from client on 08/20/2017
v6 Comparison of firm & client documents
v7 Filed with court on 08/21/2017
v8 Draft changes for appeal

Valerie Connell

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My people dislike the skipped versions, too, as well as having the number of document versions showing up in search results that's different from the number of the most recent version.

However, I'm not sure how a change like this affects a situation where someone deletes a version accidentally and wants it back. I'm OK keeping the skip if it means we can restore a deleted version to its appropriate place in the version series, but it seems like it gets complicated and confusing at that point.


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I get your point, but don't believe you can restore it to its previous version using the "undelete" function.  I think it would go to the next version as well.  Testing that now, but it takes a while for deleted items to index. 

You  might have a valid point if you're deploying the rollback function, though.

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Our users don't mind the version skip too much, but they hate how this affects the number displayed in any document list view. They assume the number displayed is either the official version or latest version number (especially since it's prefixed with "v"). No one has ever understood why it's number of non-deleted versions.

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When are these changes due?

And agreed with Kevin, especially the use of "vX" (i.e. v1, v5, etc.) being confusing, since vX is pretty much universally used as an indicator of "this is version X"

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