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Remove ability to upload in Access Rights

We quite often use Extranets to share documents with users outside of our organisation. At the moment I am granting these users 'V' access to the folders in our Extranet, which gives them the ability to download documents, but also upload documents. This is fine in most cases, but for a specific few folders we would like to remove the ability for these users to upload documents. Could there be a 'view/download only' access for External users?

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If a user -- whether internal or external -- has only View rights to a folder, that user should only be able to view/download content from that folder and not add content to it.  (If a user has Edit rights to a specific document in that folder, then they can modify the document or add a new version to it.)

Can you double check to make sure that you have given these users view-only access to the folders?  If you have double checked this and view-only users can still upload documents, please open a ticket with Support providing more information about this situation and we can investigate.

Note that the Cabinet Inbox is an exception and any user with access to a cabinet can add documents to the Inbox.


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