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Microsoft.CSharp.RuntimeBinder.RuntimeBinderException error when inserting LINK or BOTH in an email

 Is anyone else getting an error when someone attempts to attach either a LINK or BOTH to an email?

The only thing predictable about this is that it only occurs when inserting a link or both (because that includes a link).

NetDocuments has no idea why this is happening.  It has been happening since we went to NetDocuments in November.

The only "solution" is to close Outlook and go back in.  That resolves it, for a while.  It doesn't happen all of the time.

This is the error:

at CallSite.Target(Closure , CallSite , Object , Int32 )
at NetDocuments.Client.OutlookAddIn.InspectorWrappers.InspectorWrapper`1.InsertLink(String link, OlBodyFormat documentType)
at NetDocuments.Client.OutlookAddIn.OutlookAddIn.InsertLink(InsertAttachmentModel model, IInspectorWrapper inspectorWrapper)
at NetDocuments.Client.OutlookAddIn.OutlookAddIn.AttachDocumentsOrLinks(IInspectorWrapper inspectorWrapper)
at NetDocuments.Client.OutlookAddIn.Ribbon.<>c_DisplayClass100_0.<OnButtonAttachFileFromNdClick>b_0()
at NetDocuments.Client.Common.Infrastructure.ExceptionLogger.Process(Action action, Action onException)

Any insights would be helpful.

Thank you,
Francine Millman

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Sorry, I left out the second part of your question --

Typically, our users are starting from within Outlook and they click on the ND Attach button. 

Then, they choose either Link or Both. 

It is only about attaching a Link which is why Both triggers this error.

It occurs randomly and it is happening to users throughout the firm who are inserting a Link or Both.

It is fine for a while after the close Outlook, until it is no longer fine and then the error appears.


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I will check to see if we have clients still on Outlook 2010. We do have it on our demo system and have not encountered this issue. Which only means that it doesn't happen 100% everywhere. Did you look at your Outlook add-ins? You may want to remove them all and see if that changes anything (though I know it is hard with the randomness).

Best - Peter

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