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Refresh after Move\Copy between Filters

When performing a move or copy from one filter to another either within the same or a different workspace and selecting the checkbox 'Go to selected Filter', in most instances the file is not present until a subsequent manual refresh is performed.

I understand that a re-index (at least of the metadata) is performed which is why this may be the case (a move\copy between folders shows instantly) but was wondering whether when such an operation occurs if a subsequent automatic refresh could be performed after the completion of the re-index or if this was not possible then a delayed automatic refresh in order to capture the majority of instances of this re-index completing.

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This is a really ugly issue if your workspaces are set to only display doc type filters after they have been populated with documents.  When new clients are added and users move any documents that they have stored in other locations, like a staff workspace or a holding workspace for TBD matters, those doc types do not get created and it looks like the documents do not exist -- well, until someone creates a brand new document with that same doc type and then everything reappears.

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I agree with Bill. I would like to see a filter creation based on a move as well as an upload.

It would help with eliminating confusion over the placement of a document into a workspace.

Right now you can see it in the list view, but for users that are accustomed to seeing items move, this poses a potential source of frustration. The workaround is to predefine filters in your template, but for firms with many document types, predefining them all could potentially clutter the workspace further.

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