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Search Disappears when scrolling through list pane

When I scroll down through a list pane, the ndWeb window moves up to hide everything above the blue toolbar.  I then have to scroll back up to the top to access Search.  

When Search was ON the blue toolbar, this was not a problem.  

Search should always be visible.

It would also be nice to have a quick easy way to GoToTop, after scrolling down.  


Status: None

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Also, if you try to use the scroll bar and manually click and drag your list back to the top, the search bar does not come back.  You have to use the scroll wheel on your mouse which sometimes can take a while, depending on how far down people have scrolled.

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The functionality to pin the search bar is required in our firm as well. Search needs to always be accessible. Not sure why Search is not considered part of the power bar. Please note Search features must be set up to remain available in List and Summary View. In IE11, the Home keyboard button works in Summary View but not in List View past the first page of rows.

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