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Service Status Update

Can I suggest that the service status updates are managed a little better?  I appreciate that there is a balance to be struck, but it would be useful to know, for example as there was today, if there is an issue affecting indexing, rather than just the wider "site down" type of updates. 

This would allow me and my team to respond to queries from the wider user base in a much more appropriate manner.


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Thank you Joanne as well as Peter's comment regarding the salesforce example.  We are putting forth effort to upgrade our communication as it relates to the help pages, release notes and service status.  We ask for some time to pull it together but as we've recently established a customers success management team and documentation department changes will be noticed..

 Also as it relates to the idea bank,  many of us read each and every post, but we haven't been as effective in responding.  We will do better as we segment the topics across subject matter experts.  

Thank you for you input and suggestions.  That is how we improve!! 

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