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ID Stamp

 Is NetDocs working on a way to populate the ID Stamp via ndOffice into existing documents without having to open, edit, and save the file back into the NetDocs?



Status: None

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@danny ndOffice uses Word to insert it's stamp. Therefore files must be opened by Word and saved back to ND web to insert the stamp.

@Kevin - we don't have a way and are not planning a way to change the font of the doc ID stamp. However, there are a number of partner applications that have more elaborate mechanisms that I believe can change the font.

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We've been using Payne Forms Assistant to insert the doc IDs. I understand Payne is retiring Forms Assistant next year and plans to replace it with individual pieces and parts. I believe one of them is a doc ID handing tool.

You may want to reach out to Payne to learn more:

Please contact me if you have questions. We've been using Payne for about a decade and are happy.

George Thomas
Director of IT
Hillis Clark Martin & Peterson, P.S.
Seattle, WA
DD: 206-470-7630

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