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Allow sub-versions or "major" and "minor" versions

It would be very helpful to allow for minor or interim revisions to be saved as sub-versions (e.g. v2.1, v2.2 or v3A, 3B). Otherwise, frequently edited documents often go into dozens of versions.

Status: Planned

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We are adding this functionality to NetDocuments, and it is currently planned for delivery in Q1 2020. 

Valerie Connell
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This would be very helpful with some of our policies that have a minor change that needs to be made before the official review date.  Now we will need to save the official policy 1.1 as a v.2 in NetDocs which will confuse users.

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Has this now been implemented? In the Cabinet Admin settings, under the heading "Versioning", I now see the option to choose between full version numbers and subversion numbers. However, I didn't find anything about this in the Admin or User help pages, so I wasn't sure whether the change is already fully operational. If so, are there any consequences for existing documents or version numbers when we switch to using subversion numbers?

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