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Create filters automatically ALL the time

We would like filters on workspaces to be created automatically in every scenario.

If you use word to save a document with a previously unused workspace filter, the filter is automatically added to the workspace.


Pretty much in all other cases this does NOT happen:

  • Use the API to add a document from precedent system
  • Use the API to move documents (when a matter is transferred between clients)
  • ndEmail / Netdocuments EM uploads an email


In some cases we can work around this by making a refresh workspace call through the API, but it shouldn't be required, and sometimes (eg via ndEmail) we just can't - so we have to wait for a user to call and complain about a problem (if they notice) and then hit refresh workspace from the Web UI.


The autocreated filters is a major selling point of the product, but it only works when you scratch the surface of the product, not when you really get into making the most of it - its quite disappointing.




Status: None

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