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ndOffice open/save allowing for more file types

we often have times where we overlap different file types in different versions of a document.  For example, we'll have versions 1-3 of an edited letter in .doc form, and the final, signed letter will exist in .pdf form as version 4 so everything is together.  This keeps things well organized, but prevents you from opening versions 1-3 again in Microsoft word using ndOffice since it won't display the document as it thinks it is a PDF.  It would be great to be able to filter different file types through ndOffice so you can see everything. 

Status: Planned

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This is in our backlog for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint: to be able to see PDF official versions in the open dialog so you can access version options to open a Word, Excel, or Powerpoint unofficial version.

We have made it in our new version (2.0, shipping soon) so that you can save as, see the PDF in the list, and version it with a new Word document.

You can also use the Activity center, which shows version specific information. If you right click on a document you can access the other versions that way. However, this only works for the last 100 documents the local PC / User has worked with.

Thanks for taking the time to tell us what you would like.

Don Lavange
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I second the need for this. I too save PDF versions of executed documents as a new version using the same document ID (this is a pretty common practice in the legal industry). Then when I later search for the document in ndOffice (for example, to use the document as a starting point for another document), I can't find it.

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