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Hyperlinks in Office documents are slow to open when ADFS is used - has anyone solved this?

Our users are seeing performance issues when they use hyperlinks (to other NetDocs documents) in Word or Excel (Office 2013). Typically, after you click on the hyperlink it takes 60 seconds to open the target document.

Our site uses Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) to authenticate internal users, and we are 95% certain that this is a factor. The problem does not happen for hyperlinks in Outlook.

Has anyone else who uses ADFS for authentication seen a similar issue? If so, can you offer any suggestions for how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance

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We have this, we have been advised to hit the escape key to "bypass" the 60 second delay.

This is still the case with ndOffice2.0, and still only in Word / Excel. links in pdfs or in emails don't experience the same delay.

We have a support call on this, we have no resolution (or identified plans to resolve) as yet.


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