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ndOffice Activities need to be shown in chronological order in the Acvtivity Center

In the "Activity Center" in ndOffice, the list shows all activities undertaken in ndOffice.  It also shows the date/time that the document was last checked in.

If a user opens the document then closes it without saving any changes, it is shown at the top of the list, however the date/time of last check-in displayed against the item could be some time earlier.  This can result in recent activities in the list list appearing out of chronological order.

I suggest that this is changed, so that the Activity list shows the date/time of the activity, whatever the activity was, even if that was just opening and closing (i.e. not changing the document). The user would not then see activities in chronological order.



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Tony, thanks for the idea. Could you re-post this in the Idea Bank forum? This forum is just for general Q/A. Also, I might add that the reason for this behavior is that the Activity Center is designed to show all the latest activity for that user on that PC in the order it occurred. We then add the Checked In status for those documents that were also edited. For example, these documents were all accessed in different ways in the order they appear, but not all were edited. To Do List was edited first at 9:09am, followed by Partner Cert Progress, and Searching Course. Final Project was opened after 11:38am, but was never edited on this PC, so no check-in was recorded. Finally, To Do List was opened again, but was not edited a second time. 

Analogous to this is the All list in Recent Documents. That list shows all documents in one list, although a document listed towards the bottom may have been edited after a document listed at the top of the list. The key is that the list records the most recently accessed document in the order the activity occurred. Hope this makes sense. 

Russell Duncan

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