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A separate permission to view and change profile data

I would like to see a new permission that separates the ability to edit document content ('E' rights) from the ability to change profile data (let's call this 'P' rights).  'P' rights would expose the document profile, but not the document content, so P rights would not include existing V rights.

There are a few scenarios that spring to mind where this new permission would be useful.

1. sharing a document externally. If you grant an external user VE access, they can edit the document profile information, which presents a risk to the business - documents could be misfiled. It would good to be able to disable this ability while keeping the ability to edit content.

2. cabinet admins get implicit VSA rights. Without E rights, they cannot currently re-profile individual documents - they have to add themselves with E rights. With a new permission, cabinet admins could be granted implicit VSPA access.

3. it would make it possible to have a type of administrator who should not be able view the content of confidential documents (such as performance reviews and remuneration statements), only the profiles.  

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I believe this is an important concept. With the roll out of NDSync around the corner, we would like the users to be able to import documentation and profile accordingly, however they should not have profiling access to that document, or any previously filed document once completed for compliance reasons.

This way the user may import and file their own documentation... 


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