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ndOffice 1.8+ and the 16.2 update

The 16.1 update notes said the ndOffice 1.8 with Adobe integration was in Beta, and that you needed to install the admin version of ndOffice if you wanted to try it.

The 16.2 update notice says the following: "ndOffice Adobe integration - An add-in for Adobe is now available with ndOffice 1.8+.  With 16.2 you are now able to open PDF files from the web using ndOffice."

We have the current user version of 1.8 installed in user mode not admin mode, so is there a separate add-in or update to 1.8 to install to get the Adobe integration or is it still only available with the admin version install? We do not want to install the admin version we want the adobe integration with the normal user 1.8+.

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Christopher, one of the main reasons that the Adobe integration is available only with the all-user install is because we are planning to phase-out the per-user install in favor of the all-user install. If you wish to use the ndOffice Adobe integration and you plan to open documents from the web, you should install the all-user version after the 16.2 Update. 

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