Custom Actions on Workspaces and Folders

The proposed is functionality is similar to the existing "Send to Application" functionality that already exists for documents, but applied to workspaces and folders instead.

Specifically, we would like to be able to call an external URL from the context of a NetDocuments workspace or folder and pass properties of that workspace/folder (envelopeId etc) as query string parameters in the URL.

This would then allow you to initiate any type of external process or workflow exposed as a URL resource from NetDocuments and that process/workflow would obtain the ability to interact with the NetDocuments folder or workspace that initiated it.

For example:

  • Initiate a new dictation from a NetDocuments folder by calling a custom protocol and passing the folder envelopeId, then automatically saving the generated document back into the folder when finished by using the envelopeId  to retrieve the folder.
  • Begin a case management workflow from a workspace in an external case management system that exposes a URL configured to accept a workspace envelopeId, which then constantly interacts with the workspace to add documents generated by steps of that workflow.


David Carson



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  • Seconded...we are implementing an expanded Follow capability to make up for the issues with the current Follow, and would love to be able to utilize the Send to Application for a Folder or CollabSpace.

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