Allow a follow-type capability on My Home page.

As a user, I would like to be able to follow another user.  The other user would have to allow that person to follow them. 

What that means is that a capability be added so a user can define in their Settings one or more other users that they will give permission to follow them.  For those users who are following, there would appear on their home page a section titled with that person's name and it would show the last 10-20 documents/emails that the person had created or modified. The section could be collapsed or expanded to show only the section heading names if desired. 

As a user I would also be allowed to see in my Settings those people who have given me permission to follow them as well as users I have given permission to follow me. 

Documents/emails would still follow the access protocol, so that private documents would not be visible via this feature.  Only documents that the person has access to would appear in the list.

This would be a nice feature for attorney/assistants-type interaction so they can easily see each others working documents lists.




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