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Compatability with Google Apps Sync for Business

Our firm experiences a critial issue. We work with Google Apps Sync for Business. Instead of IMAP-ing the email account into Outlook, Google provides, and recommends, using an add-in for Outlook called Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GASMO).

GASMO creates and accesses a PST file in real time. Not unlike NetDocs EMS. Occationally, we find the two addins will both grab the PST and stop all send/receiving.

We would like to see a fix in EMS that would create a smoother compatatibility with GASMO.

Status: None

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Or just integrate with Google Apps natively without the use of Outlook as a client.

I give training to the attorneys on how to use Outlook/Google Apps. Both interfaces have pros and cons, like owning a minivan for the kids you take to soccer practice and a sports car for weekend fun. Attorneys are used to Outlook, but GASMO settings set limitations on how much of your emails are downloaded (1GB or 2 or unlimited), this is of course for your own good as Outlook is notoriously bad at handling PSTs larger than about 2 GB. So if an attorney wants to use EMS Profiler to file an old email from years ago (which isn't showing up in Outlook cause it's only capturing the 1st GB) it's hideously complicated. For example, you'd have to reforward the email to yourself or forward the email to the Workspace email address (which renders it in HTML instead of MSG format).

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