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Integration with Visio

We use a lot of corporate structure/entity diagrams in our company.  It would be nice to have save as a copy, save as a new version function.

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Thank you for your input on Visio. As many of you probably know, you can put Visio files in NetDocuments and then open them from NetDocuments which will launch Visio application from that device. Then upon edit and close, the user simply has to click the check in icon to check back into NetDocuments the changes.  This level of integration is already available today.  FYI, our previewer or "view in browser" does not today support a visio file. 

Leonard Johnson

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Any progress with this? Visio/Publisher are industry standards in many companies and included in most companies MS licencing for Office Pro Plus. I also can see that built in apps like the photo viewer don't check out documents and require a manual check in when a user closes the photo they have viewed.

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Can someone from NetDocuments please advise whether this is on the ndOffice roadmap  at all.

We don't really want to write our own integration if this is already planned as a future feature.


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We're paying attention to the request. We've not added it to our road map as yet, we're interested to know how many customers would be interested in this.

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I would like to add my name to the list of users who would like to see integration with Visio. Not sure why this would be difficult. If you can create an add-in for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, you should certainly be able to create one for Visio

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