Commonly Named Fields for Search Criteria instead of Field Numbers

Currently when using Advanced Search and entering a phrase in the Name field, a client number in the Client field, and a matter number in the matter field the resulting search criteria listed at the top of the Search Results is the following:

=3( name phrase ) = 1001( {client number} ) = 1002( {matter number} )

It would be nice if the field numbers had names that matched the Advanced Search field name and were easy to remember.  If I’m at a matter workspace and want to search for all documents with a certain phrase in the document name, it would be nice to simply type out the following without having to go to the Advanced Search:

=name(name phrase)

We find that users are primarily searching by document name within a matter workspace and must go to the Advanced Search to keep from searching "All Attributes" which would include many other documents they don't want to see.

I can get the desired results by typing in =3(name phrase) but I regularly forget that the Name field is 3.  Additionally it would be nice to further define the criteria without going to the Advanced Search window if you new the field names.  Such as:

=name(name phrase) =client(client number) =matter(matter number) =from(email from name) =to(email to name) etc.




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