Start supporting 64 bit IE, so we can use drag and drop to upload files

You cannot install windows 32 bit IE 10 on a windows 7 64-bit machine.

Netdocs ActiveX components cannot be installed in 64-bit IE and you cannot login or upload without the ActiveX add-ons in IE.

This is going to be an issue for you guys, as windows updates now includes the upgrade to IE 10 and when you install the 64 bit IE, it wipes out the 32-bit IE9 that comes with Windows 7. As you have said, Windows 7 comes with both versions, 32 & 64, but that goes away when you update, either by using windows update or doing it manually.

I was able to upgrade on my PC to IE10-64 bit and it does work.

The difference is that I have been using my PC for a couple of years and the ActiveX and cryptography add-ons were already installed/added to my browser. I am not sure why it worked on my PC, I am just guessing.

This is going to be an issue for you guys, it may be wise to put some resources on this and resolve it before you get slammed with the problem. I feel the fix is that you figure out how to install the ActiveX components in a 64-bit environment.

This will also be an issue, if you update Netdocs in future releases and it requires new ActiveX components, it will kill anyone who was able to update to IE 10 64-bit using an older PC. Because people will not be able to add the new components.



  • Thanks for the suggestion Bryan, creating an Active X for 64-bit IE is something that we've discussed doing and we're monitoring the number of requests that come in for that closely. 

    However, it would be helpful if we had a little bit more information. I'm not sure I understand the limitations you're describing because I have Windows 7 64-bit and it's running IE10 32-bit. We also have many customers running this configuration today. If you'd like, I can open a case with our support group to troubleshoot this more with you. That might get you up and running on this machine faster than waiting for us to develop a new Active X control. 

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  • Just wanted to add a bit of clarification here.  With IE10 and above on a 64bit OS, there are not two separate installs for 32bit and 64bit IE like there was with IE9.  There is only one version now and tabs are run in 32bit by default.  You can configure IE10 to run 64bit processes by enabling "Enhanced Protected Mode" but of course you then would not be able to run 32bit browser add-ons.  I am curious though, do any of you need to run IE with Enhanced Protected Mode enabled for some reason?

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