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Error: Your changes will be saved as Unofficial Version

 I opened a ticked with NetDocuments support to report an error that appears when editing a document. The error says that someone has edited your document and your changes will be saved as an Unofficial Version. ND resolution is that during the time the document was edited, ndoffice stopped communicating with the server during an AutoSave. The ndoffice addin was enabled. The Firm's ndoffice Version, which is the latest version.


After ndOffice reestablished connection to the server, ND saves the document as an Unofficial Version. 


Firm server engineers confirms that no loss of connection has occurred. Firm has auto detection when servers loses connection.


NetDocuments, please reply to two issues: 1) the alert should accurately report that a server connection was lost and not “someone else has edited the document…” and 2) what’s causing the lost connection to the server? There are no other alerts to report an add-in is disabled, per se.

 After examining the document’s history, no one else has edited the file.


Status: None

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We agree that the error and condition that you're seeing is undesirable. What is happening is that when a server error happens in such a way that ndOffice doesn't know that the save was successful it tries to save again. But since the data on the server is newer than we thought it was (because it was successfully saved) ndOffice thinks someone else must have edited the document. This is incorrect.

In the next version of ndOffice we will have a safeguard against this. When we have added some information to our server calls that will tell ndOffice that the two docs are the same (the one in your echo and the one on the web) and we won't try to save it again.

Additionally, we're working hard to eliminate the server error that causes the lack of response in the first place.

Two comments, however: 
2.1.14 is a pre-release beta copy. You should update to 2.1.18. However this won't change this condition.
Word never autosaves. It does have auto-recover.

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Hi Bart (and TaShika)

We're attempting to address this issue in a patch to 2.1. We've created the patch, but unfortunately one of our partners, Akamai, is removing a header we require for this fix. It's been escalated to their internal team for a solution.

If you wanted, I could give you the patch version (if you're on beta you already received it) and you could connect to ND NOT through Akamai, and this problem would go away.

But it causes unofficial versions every time through Akamai because of the logic of the fix and the dependency upon this header.

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@Cynthia - We fixed this in build

If your user is not on this version please update the user. If they are already on it, please open a support ticket so we can investigate the issue.

There are several reasons that this might happen, but we need to see the trace logs to know the actual cause.


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