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ndOffice is not consistant with Web UI - doesn't allow "contains" searching in description ONLY "begins with"

ndOffice assumes users know the matter number (key) but what if they don't?  You can't enter part of the description, you have to know exactly what the matter description BEGINS with.  I have a client who uses ndOffice by entering the matter (it's actually client for them, still child value) and rarely will their clients be in Recent Locations so they manually enter.  Users are also unfamiliar with the client number from their accounting system (key) so rely on client description.  The ellipsis button is greyed out and the prompt is "Please enter at least two characters to see a list of valid values for this field".  There are too many steps (clicks) required to find the client when instead ndOffice should offer "contains" searching same as the Web UI

Please VOTE if you also require ndOffice to behave like Web UI.  Thanks.

Status: Planned

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