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Ability to Search a Folder and it's Subfolders

Our users have folders/subfolders and currently, NetDocuments is only able to search one folder and not it's subfolders.  This would be REALLY helpful if the searching would include the parent folder and it's subfolders.  Thank you. 

Status: Planned

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Hi RoxAnn

Forgive me for jumping in, ND does now have the ability to search top level folders (not sub-folders) and recently for one of our clients I wasn't seeing "search folder" in adv search, turns out ND had to switch it on in the repository in the backend so maybe worth logging a call with support.  Another explanation is, if you are in US data centre, all folders must be converted before searching available - check by selecting a folder - Folder Options - can you see "convert"?

Hope this helps :-)

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I have just gone in to search the forum about subfolder searching. The searching is limited to 20 subfolders - says subfolder searching is disabled as there are more than 20. Quite restrictive. Most of our business support teams are on folder-based cabinets so their subfolders grow way beyond 20. One would not even attempt to go into each one to find something -defeats the point of powerful searching.

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We are running into the sub-folder search limitation issue.  The requirement that users have to check the subfolders box is also causing consternation.

A user needs the ability to search past 20 sub folders. We're not that big of a firm but just completed a massive import of our traditional folders.  As the users start really working in the ND environment they are encountering legitimate issues. In some ways, the ND method of folder 'use' is a hinderance. Basic Windows explorer permitted sub folder searching. ND needs to improve this functionality.

Please provide some road map details so I can relay this to the folks in the firm.

Thank you.

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