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Official Versions and Deleting Versions

How has other law firms explained the use of NetDocuments Official Versions and Deleting Versions?

Official Versions: When the end user selects the official version, the topic is easy to explain in training.  Example: user selects Version 2 as the Official Version because it is the executed version from client.  However, when NetDocuments arbitrarily elects to assign an official version which is not the latest or current version, this gets complicated.

Deleting Versions: since NetDocuments allows a user to delete a version and does not sequentially renumber the next version (for example, user deletes Version 2 of a document; the next version that is created is Version 3).  Version 2 is deleted; however remains unusable as NetDocuments needs to keep metadata about Version 2.  Another example: there are multi collaborators of a document; one person decides to delete Version 2; the other collaborators used version 2 for specific reasons. Since NetDocuments makes it easy to delete versions how does this affect other collaborators?

How has other firms communicated the above topics to their user population?

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To your first point, when user are saving new versions, they do have the ability to uncheck the official version checkbox before they complete that save.

To your second point, (a) matter teams tend to work together pretty well and are usually careful about what they delete, and (b) If I'm not mistaken, only users with A rights can delete documents/versions, in our case that would be the person in the Author field and the person in the Creator field (and of course Cabinet Administrators).

I hope this helps.

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