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Force Check In - Workflow Question

Consider the following situations regarding Force Check In and version control:

Situation 1:

UserA has checked out a Word document using the native application.
UserB right-clicks on the document in NetDocuments, and choose Open in Word Online.
UserB receives a "Document Alert Status" dialog, indicating that the document is currently checked out to UserA.
If UserB has Admnistrator rights, UserB can choose to 'Force Check in"
UserB then receives an additional message stating that a new version will automatically be created for UserB, and UserA's changes would be saved to the original version.
Version 2 automatically opens in the browser for UserB. User B edits, saves, checks in version 2.
UserA can hit save, and these changes get saved to Version 1.
There may be some confusion, but there isn't any lost edits. This is good.

Situation 2:

UserA is actively editing a document in Word Online
UserB sees the document is checked out, but clicks on the document to open it natively.
UserB gets the "Document Status Alert", alerting them the document is checked out to UserA
If UserB has Administrator rights, UserB can force check in.
Document v1 opens and checks out to UserB.
UserB can make changes, save, and check in version 1.
UserA, still editing in online mode, can continue making edits, and then save/close. This overwrites UserB's edits. This is bad.

Can we have it so Situation 2 behaves like Situation 1?  Whenever there is a "Force Check In", can ndOffice or NetDocuments always create a new version as to avoid overwriting of edits?

Thanks. I hope my processes were described clearly enough!

Status: Planned

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We agree that the two situations should be handled in a similar manner.  We will look to implement a fix for this, but I can't give you an estimate of when at this time.


Mark Salamon
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